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So if you feel down, think of someone who is dead, who will never ever celebrate Chirstmas, who will never ever see how wonderful the morning sun, that when it shines through, it makes you strong. When the breeze touches your skin, it glows. So when you see people smiling, it makes you alive.

Life is something that cannot be barter with anything in this world. Life  is the greatest gift from the creator.

When ever you feel sad, think of those joyful days where you give someone a joke, when you shared your answer to someone who couldn't understand. When you eat with only one bread in the morning, and it feels good when you take it, trying to imagine you are eating a huge fried chicken. Or when you visit a friend, and tell her how much she means to you. When you see your mama crying, when you see your lover excel, when you tried to impress your boss, and it works.

Life is Extraordinary! So let us love it...


  1. tma live life to the fullest. life is beautiful! we only need to open our eyes to see it it

    was here bro

  2. rico de buco : oo nga naman.. thanks sa pag dalaw..

  3. "think of someone who is dead, who will never ever celebrate Chirstmas,"

    well that depresses me :( naalala ko relatives ko.

  4. my-so-called-Quest : whoa, sorry for that...

  5. Keatondrunk: thanks man..

  6. hello po. slamat sa pag dalaw sa bhay ko... hehehe

  7. Hmmm.....oo life has to go on...

  8. haisley : hey thanks lass.


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