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Music,changing lives...

Had you ever tried to listen the music which you loved the most, and then left it anywhere, due to numerous tracks we are getting from the music industry. Then suddenly you go back and scan it, then you remember many things from that song, either it was good or bad. Then tears started to fall, or memories of the past reminisced, then it became your habit to listen it again and again.

It was actually pretty normal to feel that way, we are human beings who live in this world full of deceit and surprises.

Do you remember the times that you are broken hearted, and you find nowhere to go, then you decided to stuck yourself in the room, so dark and the crouches kept on running, so were rats (eww).... Just to crack some jokes..

So you are alone, and you have this ipod then you choose a song, then suddenly it made you cry and cry and cry. Gosh! A baby?  Hmmmmm, not anymore.  Well it's usual.

So here is my songs, which i love the most, they help me thinking back the past, whenever i hear them everytime.


  1. Fivyolen Qiu : thanks Fiv..

  2. i really really love music.. kahit hindi ako love ng music.. hehehe

  3. Pag malungkot ako music cheers me up!!!

  4. Mine would be Who Am I by Casting Crowns.

  5. Athena: di naman, kasi pag love mo ang isang music, gusto ka na din nun. :) Dj ako eh..

  6. Kraxpelax: don't really got what you are tryin to say, but thanks for the comment, and the visit!

  7. Dorm Boy : yup yup yup!

  8. CaptainRunner: wow, oo nga maganda yan..


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