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The Empowered Filipina - a woman of substance


As  we draw the centuries back, every woman  in this world deserved to be treated in a way that  they deserved of being who they are- a woman. You might be wondering why posting this, i am not a woman. But being a person who has a mother and a woman who nurtured me to  become who i am today, was a big deal for me. I love my mother and so are you. 

My fellow bloggers Leah  and Angie here in Davao seen this video about woman empowerment, though Leah already knew this matter, she just showed it to us and waited what would be our reaction to  it. Upon watching it,  a lot of ideas were coming in, and we jot down every possible things that we can do to implement it  and let women be uplifted, be encourage to feel beautiful about themselves.

So we came up with the idea of having a small gathering of Filipina women " an empowerment gathering" in which they would share about their experiences, achievements, struggles and a lot more. Ofcourse to uplift them well, we planned to have our speakers, that would give some encouragements about their lives and how did they achieved their position this days.

The Empowered Filipina- a woman of substance will deal with those women who are lack of self esteem, confidence, who didn't feel good about themselves, abused by their love ones and women who had tried to work abroad. What are their experiences while living  and working on other countries.

What do you think about Filipinas of todays generation?
What are the changes that happens to them, as the civilization is moving up higher?
Why did Filipina women were type casted as nannies/ what is your opinion with this?
The STERIOTYPING of Global Filipinas- and how we respond to it?
 How do you think Filipnas "perceived"  around the world?

These questions would definitely bring their enormous strength to prove that Filipinas were beautiful!

This small gathering will took place by December, and hope it will brought greater impact to our lovely Filipinas...

Because Filipinas are BEAUTIFUL-


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