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the pinnacle of obstruction...

Why then asking my self, evaluation is the best thing to do for whatever is happening to me this days. A lot of questions that boggled my mind and trying to justify every area of which i know i made a mistake. The mistakes that lead me into blaming myself, punching these words "why" and "if only". Well this is life and  we cannot gauge everything that's not yet formed  i mean we cannot assumed that everything that will happen would be right and there would be no wrong from the moment i came out from my mothers' womb.

A crazy thoughts, nerve wracking discoveries, and the painful experiences that i have been through this days is kinda frustrating for me.

Okay, i will not gonna hide the fact that i am losing weight, and having this boils "pigsa" on the whole part of my body! I lied to you that i am well, but the truth is i am still suffering from that holocaust. It was painful; it dishearten me every night, it gives this extreme feeling of distress. I think every month 5 or 6 will gonna surprised me and i will just gonna be shocked to find them either at the back, front, butt, or even on the most precious part of my body (face). It is gawky to showed up, it's embarrassing to go to malls  because it's uncomfortable to walked.

Most of my shirts got this messy stains,that marked, from it. Some people asked me about this, and i cannot even say any words to justify my self, because i know that is embarrassing, really does!

So i went to the doctor this day, and got checked.  I was at first afraid, of what would be is his initial findings, or is this an indication that i have HIV. (hehehehe) But thanked God, he never say any words as this. " do you sleep early, do you eat well and at the right time? " Ofcourse i should be honest, i told him, that all of that questions the answe would "NO". I told him about my boils and how it affects my daily life, and i am losing weight. He stare at me and said, " you might have "toxic goiter" or a "diabetis". Uh! Oh! that's frightening. Gosh....

Guys it would be painful for me to know if i have either of this two. But that  would determined my faith to God, and  i know He will helped me from this case. I believe that " For with God, nothing is impossible" (Luke 1:38)

I have to do this series of labs. CBC
                                               Fasting blood sugar
                                               Creatinine (free T4)

I don't know what are those, but i will keep you posted from time to time about  my situation. To those people who loves me, and who know me in this Blogosphere, i need your help. PRAYER!

Thank you so much...


  1. aww..i wish kuya wala ka namang ganung sakit..i will also pray na gumaling ka na :/

  2. ayu: yun nga eh, ewan, san ko ba yan nakuha.. siguro sa sobrang matagal matulog..

  3. Parekoy, I am looking forward on your speedy recovery. Sana naging maayos yung lab test na ginawa sayo and pray ka lang lagi kay Lord.

    Have a nice day!

  4. sana maging ayos ang kalagayan mo parekoy. we will be raing for your speedy recovery. nga pala, is it true na possible cause niyan ay ang late na pagtulog? then i am doomed... since highschool, madaling araw na ako natutulog. i have been insomniac for 8 years now. haayyy... don't worry parekoy. God is good. di ka niya pababayaan.

  5. fiel-kun : salamat, oo nga, still waiting for the result...

  6. mr.nightcrawler: yes, definitely, makaka sira, and it will come on the unexpected time..

  7. I just had chicken pox (very late age) last April and it was hell and so I empathize with what you´re feeling right now.

    It´s also nice to lose weight if you´re overweight for health reasons.

  8. AHA! so THIS is the blog you post on regularly! lol i followed the wrong one! thank you for following mine : )

    aww hun i'm sorry to hear that you're in pain and discomfort. health issues are scary...I'll pray for you, for real.

  9. Dressing Up For Me : whoa, that is a serious case too. well, my health will be okay soon, i know God will help me..

  10. sssdawna :Yup, this is my blog which i loved the most, and thank you for dropping by here..


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