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Oh, thank God...

As i battle with my health issues, i couldn't find any reason not to sometimes blame and feel  the pain that why did i allow my self doing those things which i knew before, it wouldn't brought great results.

Youth are aggressive! Indeed, i live with it, and that causes  a lot of hang ups that happen to me these days, i perceived this  as "reaping time" for what i have done before, my body just letting me pay what is the worth of it. Now that it wasn't great, losing weight, sleepless nights, wound, and those annoying sound of death, who croaking me every night. I personally have problems with financial, cause i live alone. Now that this dilemma happened to me, i don't know what to say or think.

As i gaze up and see the light of the sun, I thanked God that it is another night of survival. Another day that i should celebrate because i made it, waking up in the morning. It was not easy to cope up from something which you already know that it will happen once you did it really wrong way back. NEGLIGENCE, this is the best word that  i came up with, after i screened back my self, of which way i stumble and which way did i blunder. admittedly i "over used" my body, abused it terribly and felt no love for it.

As he is trying to recuperate i feel so damn hurt for the damage that i brought. Guys telling you, from 59 kg. last week now it drops into 56 kg.

Ofcourse YES! And this was the result that i got from:
                                                                                lack of sleep
                                                                                no exercise
                                                                                night owl
                                                                                not taking any vitamins
                                                                                bratt, bad behavior, and ofcourse too much SEX.

But should i be afraid for this challenge? It must be NEVER. Because, it is not yet too late, and it is not yet the time of my death, i know i will "bounce back". My health will be okay, and i can turn this holocaust into something that i am now getting lessons from it. I will survive! I will be healed. As  the Lord moves, he will touched me tonight so as you! He will drench me with his blood and i know i will be better.

To all those blogger who do thesame as i am, PLEASE  stop it as soon as possible, for that would cause something that you won't really like it. Take this as a lesson to learned, let me be your mirror. And start changing your lifestyle today! Do not allow any wrath to wrapped your life up, because it turns that way, you might can't get out of it. and you know what is next. Click here ...


  1. It is so true that we only have once chance at one wants to enjoy it to the is also true in that we also only have one body, mind and soul and we must just as vigilantly take care of us~

  2. Dorothy L: miss D. it is definitely true.. and i learned alot from what i have done..

  3. grabe... except for the sex part... i do all those things. i hope you feel beetter now pareoy. and i'll try to live a better lifestyle :P

  4. mr.nightcrawler: hahahaha, ganun ba, so wala ka plang sex life. hehehehe


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