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We are going to cross another bridge, another journey which we all know it would makes us happier,stronger and the faith that POSITIVE  things will stand out during the test of times. For this year, we faced a lot of circumstances, horrendous experienced, but we finished it with gladness on our hearts. We stumble, yet the spirit of determination gives us strength to overcome it, and be successful in many ways.

 2010 is yet another history, a year that most of us Filipinos excel internationally! Indeed it was a positive feed backs that we were getting from foreign lands who admired how Filipinos worked, how hospitable we are. It is heart warming.

This year the world struggles. The richest countries were staggering in economic stability and financial as well. Countries that shines were now dim, and those countries who stagger, shines. It is a roller coaster genre. Even the worlds' richest country USA suffered financial hiatus, that leads them lending bucks to saved their dignity and pride.

Beyond the struggling times we faced. Philippines remained strong and vibrant on facing obstacles as we used to be. We are confident enough that we can get this over and we will be stronger and stronger as these trials hit us. Wonderfully remembered, how Filipinos remain HAPPY even though we were shaken together by typhoons, financial crisis, poverty and the corrupt government we had. So we thanked God for  this year- the new administration came!

So here are my list of  2010's Shapers...

Our Newly Elected President. Noy Noy Aquino, proved that fair and clean election will surely favored by many.

This curvacious lass, from the province of Bato Camarinus
Sur made her marked and proved scorners wrong from what they believed she is not deserving representing our country in the most prestigious beauty pageant in  the universe, she conquers the whole universe with her confidence of bringing home the crown, unfortunately she never bag the title yet she broken the 10 years of drought that our country had. She is the epitome of a strong woman, willing to take risk and fight for her right. Maria Venus Raj (Miss Universe 4rth Runner Up)

Undoubtedly  this girl can shake the whole world, with her super strong voice. "Small but terrible".. She never gained fame here in our country, as we all know, look matters the most on our Entertainment industry. She thought it was over, until the break arrived last 2008- then everything was a history!
Charice Pemepengco  (international singing sensation)
Well, she never brought home the crown, a fierce beauty queen, with a whole bunch of talents to offer. Giving the Miss International 2010 a justice to received two awards. (Miss Expressive, and Miss Talent) We Filipinos can be proud of her achievements, according to rumors she supposed to win, but unfortunately, the pageant was held in China- and the rest was history. Krista Kleiner (Miss International 2010 Semi- Finalist)

More is coming ;)


  1. Tama, ang daming nagyari this year. sobrang daming achievements!, bat di kasama si pacquiao dyan?ahahaha.

    Marami pang darating!, kaya yan ng Pinoy!

    Merry Christmas Tim and i am thanking you for being my friend this year!, thanks for being a part of my Artistic World!

  2. Anonymous12/27/2010

    oo nga daming nangyari ngayon.. parang nakafully book ata tayo ngayong taon...

  3. stevevhan: welcome man, likewise as well!


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