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Rolling Over for Love...

Once my heart farts I know it would be silly not cry, shedding tears which sometimes leads me to make decision not to fall inlove again. Not to make myself fool off! It's impossible for me not to assume that being inlove is the most wonderful thing in this world. To fathom that having someone making you smile, laugh and cry is just so cool. This is the cycle which our lives as human being evolved. Our daily skirmish in life. My heart was blown away. The feeling of being attached to someone and knowing that your heart is overjoyed with the fact that everything is vital- falling into place. How I wish everything is just like this way.

But the route of life and love isn't the way we tend it must be. It's tricky. A lot of avenues you should stop from rolling over, not to quit but to discern, to stare and to grasp. To find some extra inspiration. It can be this way sometimes. How far the heart suffers from deprivation, from greediness of knowing how shallow and deep the happiness  is.

When I'm in love- I find hot singles  lurking. And if I'm alone, all people i see were sweet and happy couples. Laughing  and PDA. I could also relate this to all of you. Our insatiable craving on love is just inevitable..

Truly LOVE is crazy! Some says it's the sweetest thing. Some says it's unfair- what's the truth anyway?

Love is an act  of showing  your affection to someone who is dear with in your heart. It's complicated. It's rude and selfish sometimes. But it'll gonna make you stay alive. It gives you more reason to love and live. Because loving is a way of life.


  1. Anonymous2/26/2011

    para sa akin eh love is a-z word..w ahehhe

  2. Avin: Hahahahaha. May ganun?

  3. KikomaxXx: Wow, di ko yata alam yan ah..


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