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What's your plans for Valentines day?

Will you celebrate it at home, cuddling or having sex with your partner- bluntly said. Whoa, it's an awesome celebration anyway! Or you might bring your lover into some cozy places, where you both will enjoy music and shared the nostalgic moment of your lives. Movies, bar, restaurants,adventures- those were things we can do in celebrating Hearts'  Day.

Speaking of  movies, I just watched Sanctum and guess what guys it's  freaking awesome! the story evolved between a father and a son, the things that they never agree on both sides. But there's only one main point, they love adventures. Just that the Frank wanted to discover something greater, an adventure of a lifetime that would brought him into fame and fortune. And Josh thought it's unfair since he wanted to have any other adventure and he doesn't like caving. On this little rift they both never understand each other. Josh thought his dad is a self centered guy, trying to make things well, beyond the fact that he is already old. And Josh can't do things well, negligence is all in the mind of his dad.

The location of the movie is on the beautiful  Papua New Guinea. And there goes the mother of all caves, the Ela Cala- i don't know if i got  the name well. LOL. But it sounds like that though. Millions of years past, since this cave remained unexplored. Until the team of Frank arrived and wanted to conquer this unexplored one. The beauty of the nature,the forest circling it was just so amazing. But you will be more struck to find out how magnificent the cave is. Known as the mother of all caves- the Ela Cala shines like a star but its venom is just terrifying. the team decided to explored the area, somehow they would become Mr. Columbus or Neil Armstrong. Quite amazing plan. Everything is well- when suddenly storm hit the place, some of the team out in the crater we're trying to contact Frank and his team back down there to get out. But seems the journey turns into hell. the radio went off and they cannot traced it back. So until such time- the team heard annoying sound and a heavy water flashing down. They rushed to get back up, but the water hovers the place and a  great stone was being stuck on its way, they forced to go down to find a way to get out and save their lives from the pit.

This is the story of survival. The battle of love and friendship. Of  fortune and fame. The adventure of a lifetime, to get what you dreamt- life of people you loved would be bartered.

A movie to be recommend!


  1. should find the time watch this one, thanks.

  2. Derektang pagkakasabi SEX na kUNG SEX hahaha!

    I want to dowload movies like that kaso ambagal ng net ko dito sa ngayon hays! Booo to globe WIMAX!

    Happy Hearts!

  3. ewan kung ano lang maisipan...w aheheh

  4. Sean: YES. You are welcome buddy!

  5. Jag: hahahahaha. Natawa naman ako sa comment mo. hahahaha. Yup, maganda talaga to!

  6. KikomaxXx : yes man..


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