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The unqualified/ Blog Award.....

Question :

Something about love, but rejected
For you who is alone and undone
Helpless and depressed of something
Thinking life is worthless.......

Something about fulfillment, but failure
Blurry dreams and a blind passion
A dead investment of  love
Compassion finds no room....

Something about family, but broken
United we stand,but broken when we fall
Thirst and hunger take over
For love and care is all been wishing...

The room of  hope and freedom
Until when the suffering lasts
Until when the emptiness reign
For this life that is full of vain........

Answer :

The battle of life is not for great
nor to the strongest  man
the harder the better it would take
the fulfillment of life is happiness....

To you who is rejected in love
Find no room to be loved
To love yourself has a mansion for it
Because to love is to live....

Life is not for people who succeed
Game is not for people who are better
To win in the game is senseless
If you don't have the effort from doing it.......

The battle is for the unqualified
For people who thinks it's impossible
To you who think cannot make it
To me who failed and depressed...

Think to quit not, chance will come
Luck will drop by, and will make you smile
Success will happen all at once
And it will make you a man............


It was already too late to celebrate the birthday of my Blog. Actually its birthday was july 26, but then i am not in the mood of celebrating it. So i wasn't able to do the plans which i made way back.

At this moment, making this award i was in the middle of trouble, i went home late and the battery of my phone was empty, i don't know what to do, lurking and finding some resting place to let my eyes relaxed. It is actually my fault, because i didn't went home early,so right now, i am really sleepy tired, so i just went to this cafe and trying to think what else can i do, to wait til the morning comes. It is hard to wait actually. Instead of lurking i better stay at one place then surf. Chat, read, listening to music is all i have now, i felt so damned sad, it feels like i am a prisoner, "hows its gonna be like one"..

So guys i want you kknow that i will be giving YOU  an aaward thar i made. It is special, it talks about friendship as you can see. Just copy and paste it on your web page too, or you can also do some posting thingy on this award. It is up to you.

To you

Jag, feil-kun, Arvin, Angels' little secret, ayu, I am Xprosaic, Glentot, Night Crawler, benh, An_ indecent mind, ced, Daij, Maggie, Sendo Lion heart, Angie, Donster, Life, love and lust, DJepoy ......

and many more who drop and write their comments on this blog you can copy and paste this on your blog.. thank you so much!!

thank you so much................


  1. hmmm... to love is to live... i totally agree :P

  2. mr.nightcrawler : thank you, oo nga eh...

  3. I love this post!

    I love the award! Ang cute ng pug hehehe...

    Thanks man!; )

  4. ang ganda nitong post mo na ito..salamat sa award..ang pug na iyan ay mayroon din sa blog side bar..iyon kasi ang aso ng bestfriend kong babae na nasa amerika na..STANLEY ang pangalan ng aso na iyon..muli thanks sa award..

  5. jag: thank you man, you are welcome din..

  6. ambiguous_angel: hehehehe, salamat...

  7. Arvin U. de la Peña: hehehehe, slamat din parekoy sa good things that you shared..

  8. @kuya tim: haha..atleast 16 yrs.old..dat means 16+! "D

    btw..thanks for the award!!!!!!!!:D

  9. ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫: you are welcome...

  10. hmmmm0---kung ako si blog magtatampo ako---late na ang blog anniversary ko. hehe. nways----cheers to you and your blog. keep posting and keep inspiring people~~

  11. pusang kalye: hehehehe, buti nalng hindi ikaw.. hehehehe, anyway i thank you sa comments din, you can grab it... isa k din sa mga reader ko eh..

  12. Anonymous8/13/2010

    You are a very special person too. You write very good posts!

    And thank you for the award my friend!


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