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Let's all CELEBRATE...................

Kadayawan sa Davao 2010, happened successfully. A magnificent celebration of unity and harvest  of davaoenos, from flowers to fruits. Truly Davao remains number one when we talked about celebration. The famous "indak indak sa kadalanan" was one of the most craving to watch for, unlike other street dancing competitions, indak indak talked about Unity, Courage, and Love for our city. It is not only a celebration of bounty harvests, but a chance also to know  the heritage,cultures and tribes that Davao city boasts.

Tourists,locals and even celebrities joined to feel the presence of  this livable city in Asia, millions of people from other places came and celebrate.

Another thing was "Hiyas ng Kadayawan" unlike other beauty pageants, Hiyas showcases talents and beauty from the ten tribes that Davao has, from Ata, Maranao,Maguindano,Kagan,Tausug, to  Ovu Manuvo, the ladies will represent their tribes and how they lived, and their beliefs. For this years' hiyas Ata tribe won, Bernadette 21,  who only measures 4'11 in height and a not typical beauty queen look alike, she represents her tribe with love and passion in preserving it. She bagged the crown as "Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2010"  and a major award given by Smart Telecom, she never really expects that she will make it, but one thing for sure her answer led her in triumph. during the pageant she was asked  "in her own opinion, will she win the crown tonight"  truly sometimes huge voice comes from the shortest ones, then she said " YES, i will definitely win to night, because i carry the  authenticity and my love and passion for my tribe,  in preserving it, no mix blood, this is the real face of Ata tribe ."  I never expected that she will made it or even to reach the top 5, or to get major awards, but she got so lucky!

Once again, Davao City marked a great celebration, that people should look up to, it was held peacefully! Happy kadayawan sa Davao...........


  1. mabuhay ang davao..sinulog naman..

  2. Wow!!! Ang galing naman! Sana may picture ka ni Ms. Bernadette. I wanna see her...

    Sad I wasn't able to join the festivity : (

  3. ito equivalent ng harvest festival diba? meaning--nagharvest na sa Davao? haha. ang aga naman. sa Luzon kasi by November or december pa.hehe

  4. Yay! Mabuhay ang mga Davaoeños!!! nakita ko na si Bernadette ng Ata Tribe. Google new na lang for her pic ^^

    Natutuwa din ako sa mga bansa natin dahil sa dami ng mga ethnic groups, iba-iba at makukulay ang mga festival na ginagawa nila :)

  5. Wohoo! I made it in the nick of time... Kadayawan Festival was a success... At lively pa rin sa lahat ng sulok ng Davao City... hehehehehehehehe... Had so much fun while nasa Davao city ulet! hehehehhehehe

  6. I am Xprosaic : yo! ako nga din eh.. hehehehehe

  7. fiel-kun : tama ka talaga fiel, di mo mabilang eh. sa dami

  8. pusang kalye: yup, tama ka..

  9. jag: dapat nga dito ka.. hehehehe

  10. arvin: thanks man..

  11. sounds like fun... pag napadaan ako dyan, tour mo ako ha? hehe.

  12. mr.nightcrawler: sure man, i would love to..

  13. Happy kadayawan! Bernadette was so smart in answering the question! Congrats to her!

  14. anney : are you there, during the final night?

  15. ito ang di ko pa na-aattend na festival. pictures naman.

  16. mernadith sicutan po name ..its not bernadette
    ....shes my cousin..


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