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Win or Lose....

I guess you would definitely agree with me, if i will say we wanted friends to  to lean on and ofcourse to be with us everytime we needed one. Admittedly I am.

My last 2 posts a while back talked about my friendship with Faith, our struggle to saved this and ofcourse to enjoy the moment everytime we were together. i am 19 and she's 29, but the age never been a great deal for us. We managed it very well, and since she is older than me, she told me lots of things to help me grow up as a young mature guy. And telling me great things about life, opportunities and my faith in God.

A chinita lass, came from a brood of well known people in our  country, but that never reflects on her personality as a person. Though her blood somehow, tells me that we can't still deny the fact that she's still on that edge, but she kept on sayin' to me " sila lang ang meron,wala ako".  Might be when we talked about money and fame, but when we talked about love,care and faith in God she got that all. A true friend of mine. Guys' never been tired of posting something about her, she just deserved it. A true friend, who is willing to share or give if you need it, a pure heart and a strong faith in God, though the world is crazy at this time, but she kept that spirit of optimism, that " things will gonna be okay" that is if we only believed to the power of love.

Finding real friend  is hard to do, it is like digging  those great holes to find a treasure and a bunch of gold. And sometimes we thought that we found that great wealth, assumingly. But when juncture happens, they fled away, and leave us undone. So sad to think that way, but it happens most of the time.  Fake friendship...

Here's the thing: "when you found that true friend, don't waste time to grasp and let them stay. Because once true friend, will always be a true friend".. They're those live angels sent by God for us! So take good care of them..



  1. I do agree that it is very difficult to find a "real" true friend. I though I have lots of them but I've noticed that some of them changes especially when you get ahead of them when it terms of job promotion, money etc and they just cannot accept it. Since they don't want to accept their mistakes and that's why they want to blame it to you. As if you're the bad person......Some also think that since you are financially stable that you should share it with them......all the time...I can't do that. I tried to but I can't do it all the time. Some also, they just gone because we're thousands of miles away. We can't communicate that much.......That's why right now, the people I can consider my best true friend are my husband and my immediate family in the Phil. I still have a lot of close friends and I am happy for that.

    Have a nice day and thanks for the comment.

  2. kapag TRUE. guaranteed... will last forever.

    ^ - ^

  3. analou: i really agree with you an, and some of them are users... really bad..

  4. gege: yup, awesome!

  5. real!!finding a true friend is so hard to do!!! you are so lucky kuya tim!!! xD!

    check out my latest post if you're ain't busy~ :3

  6. ayu: thank you so much baby..

  7. hello... nightcrawler here... dahil na-intriga ako kay faith, talagang binalikan ko pa yung ibang posts na sinasabi mo parekoy... i admire what you two have and for yuo to value friendship like that, i salute you. tama ka, when you find friends who are for keeps, we should treasure them. medyo ingat lang parekoy, baka may ibang relasyong mabuo jan(speaking from experience?) hehe. biro lang. have a great day :P

  8. mahirap na ngayon makahanap ng tunay na kaibigan..mabuti ka pa may tunay kang kaibigan..ako wala,hehe..........

  9. mr.nightcrawler: hello parekoy... salamat sa pag bisita and thank you din sa pag hanga mo..

  10. arvin: tama ka talaga dyan!!

  11. hi Tim!

    you are absolutely right na once dapat tini-treasure ang mga ture friends because napaka-rare nila. marami tayong makikilala at makakasalamuha pero iilan lang ang mag-i-stay para damayan ka sa iyong journey.

    btw, thanks sa pag-visit sa aking site


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