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The Filipino Charisma...

We Filipinos have been making marks internationally. We let other countries appreciate the beauty that we have. We let them think and conclude that we are deserving of the respect that we aimed. Filipinos we are, known of having that hospitality that every nations should have. The lilting manner that we have is made by God to make us known. Our rich culture and traditions somehow a data to dig in. Philippines is known of having the fighting spirit, respectful and has the vibe to enticed the world. With this charisma  we're able  proved to the whole world that we exist with substance and passion.

Being a Filipino is such a wonderful thing. It is like owning a house and lot that the world could not buy. The sparkling archipelago that brought Magellan's eyes rooting for it- with 1,107 island, this nation is a place of the rising sun. Which we are lucky enough to see the sun rise and the sun set. How nice isn't it?

Back with Filipino charisma here's the video of a young Filipina who made me laugh out loud. Imagine, with that matching tears.. hehehehehe.
Beauty Pageant Tip:

How to do the make up tip :

Her name is Petra Sigemoymoy Mahalimoyak 

kudos to her charisma. She made me laugh!


  1. Kala ko seryosong usapan kating kati na akong sabihing I'm proud yun pala... kaadikan lang...lolz hehehehehhehe

  2. Anonymous5/01/2011

    I did not now about the rising sun! That must be beautiful! :)

  3. Xprosaic: Hahahahahaha.. Mao man, ikaw jud..

  4. Maggie : Yup- indeed it was great!

  5. ayos hehe, ganda nya!

  6. Keatondrunk: hehehehe, yup..


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