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Touching Lives..


May 15th 2011, marked the 28th year of the candle light memorial in the entire world.  This event is the most special and the most sentimental- as the world will be looking back on the past years which the "People Living with HIV/AIDS struggled to live a normal and a happy life. The theme "Touching Lives" wants us to open our eyes and listen to the cry of many who suffered from HIV/AIDS. And this is also a commemoration day of the victim of AIDS, the people who died bearing this  illness of the century.But  still the world of Science has found no cure to stop the epidemia.

In the Philippines alone, the number is going higher. Expecting that in the coming days, the number will plummet.  This event will also paves the way of local and national awareness on how risky the HIV/AIDS is. This mind boggling issue which still in the eyes of many- it is useless and sensitive matter to tackle. HIV/AIDS is a quiet storm that is now penetrating in our country. With a greater purpose, DOH (Department of Health) aimed to promote "Safer SEX" and the "Correct and Consistent" use of condom. Proper education for "YOUTH" since they topped as the most at risk of HIV/AIDS infections.

With this world wide event, also aimed on reducing the stigma which the people who are battling with HIV facing. the venom of the society is more cruel than the HIV/AIDS.

Let us work hand in hand! Help for the better purpose! Care and support is what they need, and also help reduce the stigma of the society.

* In little way- we can help. Let us create a post for this day. This is the smallest thing that we can do as bloggers. But it would mean a lot to those who believed that there is life after being diagnosed of HIV/ AIDS.*


  1. dapat mag ingat sa sakit na AIDS..

  2. Arvin: Yup, tama ka dyan!

  3. too bad i was not able to light a candle. but ill do my own personal part.

  4. dong ho : sure thanks Man!


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