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Korean Trending!

We Filipinos are known for being fluent and could answer queries well. Being one of the few who can converse well in universal language which is English, Philippines boast such credibility around the world. We may encounter some of our countrymen who say " they don't know how to speak English well". But the fact that they say it- they're actually using universal word to justify themselves. So who the heck say  they ain't? The fact that you are uttering yes or no- it only means you can converse.And  I personally do observed how obsessed are we to perfect our grammars and how gruesome it would be if someone made such mistake, or missing and omit something. It would be a whole lot of issue that would scatter. It's a fact-

But as the 21st century's continuously  soaring higher and higher, we found some countries who also influenced us on adopting their culture and  their language. We fall in-love on their way of living, we like how they dressed up and admiring their charm that entices us all.

I am talking about Korea. I was wondering what the heck is going on right here. We fall for someone who doesn't really care about our language, who doesn't really care about our culture and sort of those stuff. And yet we become obsessed on their way of living. Especially their music, admittedly it made us stammer  the "jejemon" way of texting. Well they have good taste of fashion, but children are getting drown because of their music.They stammer more than the usual. Oh my, I am not racist- but we should consider Korean artist as a threat to our local  musicians who we're facing crisis because of them, they came here, singing those songs which we don't know what it is, or worse if it's telling us some f***k word, yet we still giggle and shout sing with them. It can be right?

Again, I am not Racist but we should put some limitations about this trend. And let us check if this trend can be able to help us or it would cause something a problem in the near future.


You can right your view about this post. I am willing to accept the negative, but i would be happy if you would think 7 times if attempting to post it.. LOL..

Makabayan lang po!


  1. Anonymous5/28/2011

    most like korean movies and that's where most of music craze started i suppose.

  2. the k-pop is getting popular. i hope thhat it will just be for a certain time.

  3. Sharlot : You got it lass. Yes, it's true!

  4. dong ho : Yes, tama..

  5. i dont get it..what's the connection of getting addicted to kpop and our culture and language? not a kpop more of a jpop fan but i do make certain that i keep balance with myself..I still know how to use our language properly.

  6. good thing im not a fun of Kpop:)


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