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PINK DOT- Freedom to LOVE....


I was mesmerized how creative and brilliant the minds of people who created this event. It never centered just on one sexuality, one chosen belief, one chosen life to live, but it works to lift up every spirit, every sexual preference of a person who exists on this world. The Pink Dot is an event that celebrates the freedom to love.

"Organised by a pool of Singaporean volunteers, Pink Dot campaigns for diversity, inclusiveness, and works to foster understanding for the basic human need to love and be loved, regardless of one╩╝s sexual orientation." 

I'm quite amazed how Singaporean people turned their minds, from creepy little head into broad and understanding. To understand that, there is always a different way of expressing love.  This event centered on struggles of LGBT, on expressing themselves and facing the hardest task of a lifetime. Their dreams to love and be loved.


"The Lord never look on the outside appearance of a person, but He chooses to look beyond our selves-"


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