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Only the Brave..

(Bayanihan Joselito Barcelona 1993)

We Pinoys have distinct Culture and Tradition that we inherit from our forefathers. And our culture have given us lives to this very moment that we exist. Beyond the fact that we have been adopting Westernize life and liberation, still the Culture and the tradition remains the purest of them all. Our Bayanihan is one of the most known culture, it so happened that our heart is made of pure love and care, that is why being hospitable made is number one around the world. Bayanihan is a term which Filipinos used to describe HELP. It generalizes into unity and strength to pursue one thing and let it grow as the time passes by.

On this video, it shown that our culture made us and our country of what it is today. We may encountering defeats, trials and struggles- but these are part of our undying revolution. Our new life, new view of what the world is, and the new civilization we have experience right now!

In preserving this Culture that made us who we are today, let us instill in our minds the tradition that brought us into reality and truth. We maybe experiencing fast forward liberation, adopting the Westernized and Universal growth as a person- but let us not forget our heritage as we paved the way on our new generation to follow.


  1. Anonymous5/25/2011

    Hmmm....bakit bakit?? only the brave?

  2. marami ng nakaugaliang pinoy na ngayon hindi na ginagawa,hehe..

  3. LASER: Kasi nga Pinoy lang ang may ganun, and part of catching readers attention! hehehehe


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