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In- Case you don't know!

Have you ever been wondering what's your purpose on this world? Well- my mind jerks thesame as you. I kept on asking God, what the heck is my purpose on this whole wide world. Then things got crappy and seems the whole world was dim, my future was uncertain. Things became harder to attained. But as always, life is the best gift that the world ever have.

As an inspiration- we wish to inspire people, change their lives and hope to enlighten or paved the way for people to learned from our own experiences. I was reading, my mundane as usual- when I hopped on one page which they featured such and incredible people who changed millions of lives around the world. I was amazed how this people with great disability gripped on this world with balance. Knowing that their disability is almost uncertain and undeniably hard to imagine, if "me myself and I" will be on their shoe. Their disability somehow a hindrance and a lot struggle to survived each day on this cruel and venomous world or reality. But It never gave any space to doubt, to mourned and it never gave any reason  for them to quit!

How nice isn't it?  Indeed!  Then as we viewed our own life, we have given much to share, much to discover and to regard. Instead we focused on being littleminded  and think that we can't do something to change the world- or to change and inspired one person, or worst is ourselves! It's terrible, when one person has a complete package, a complete part of our body, has brain to think well, body to move well, and a heart to breath and produces life, but turned out to be un-useful  and waste. What comes in your mind when you see your self on this situation, well it is worthy to end the shit life..

Abbey Curran- is a beauty queen from Iowa, USA- a young woman who also dreamt to join pageant, and hoping to maked it and represented her state, in the national pageant which is Miss USA. Abbey, is not the usual beauty queen, though with same qualities as the other lass, beauty, talent, knowledge. But what made her unique was her disability! She joined Miss Iowa 2008, beyond the fact that she was suffering from cerebral palsy  a disease that affects person's ability to move and to maintain balance and posture. That made Abbey some difficulties on moving and balancing. But it never made any marked and never hinder her from joining the said pageant.

She also made history, for being the first contestant who graced the stage with disability in Miss USA 2008. 

How inspiring?

She even appeared on Ellen De-Generes show!


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