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Obsession of Beauty or Stupidity?!

This story is really shocking. Just come up on my mind how stupid and obsessed this mother of  8 year old girl, to look her daughter wrinkle-free. Beyond the fact that, she is just 8 year old! I could not imagine how gruesome is this to a little kid who only need is to play around and do things senseless. It was horrendous how obsessed this mother to let her daughter look beautiful. All I can say she is just  Idiot and stupid in such a way.

She defended her self, by saying that  " lots of moms have been doing to it to their kids, and that "botox" can help to sustain her face wrinkle-free? WTF! Her obvious crappy reason was undeniably idiotic. The  powerful anti wrinkle treatment Botox.

(The video is courtesy of Interviewed by : The Inside Edition)

A mother injected her 8-year-old daughter with the powerful anti-wrinkle treatment Botox.

Kerry Campbell showed INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret where she administered the shots to her daughter's face.

She says she injected her daughter Britney with Botox because she wanted her to remain wrinkle-free and so she could be in child beauty pageants one day.

Britney has spent hours practicing to walk and learning to play the piano in hopes of going into show business.

"She doesn't have wrinkles. So, why would you feel it important to [give her] shots?" Moret asks.

"When she is going to performs in the pageants, and she smiles, there's the creases right there," Campbell says, indicating the sides of her mouth.

And if it isn't shocking enough, the mother also gave the second grader from San Francisco leg and bikini waxes as part of her intense beauty regimen.

"Are you afraid when you get the shots?" Moret asks Britney.

"Yeah," she says.

"It hurts a little bit?"


"Do you cry, when you have them?"

"Yes," says Britney.

"No," says her mother.

"I do," Britney says.

It seems when Britney senses her mother isn't happy with her answers she shuts down, and looks for reassurance from her mom.

"I'm horrified. She's giving her daughter the worst possible message. Which is, that there's something wrong with you, and we need to do something about it," dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban says.

Dr. Shamban tells INSIDE EDITION it's simply not safe to give a child this young a powerful neurotoxin like Botox.

"Her muscles are still developing. And it's possible that her mother could give her some imbalance or some asymmetry in the face that could be long-lasting, and perhaps even permanent," explains Dr. Shamban.

"People watching this will say this is child abuse," says Moret.

Campbell says, "It's not child abuse. I'm not hurting my daughter. I take very good care of my daughter."

Campbell is a beautician and says that she knows what she's doing.

"It is out of the ordinary, but I'm the only one that's coming forward and saying anything about it is the only problem here. There are plenty of people that do it!" she says.

"You believe that a lot of people in the pageant world are doing this?" Moret asks.

"I know a lot of people in the pageant world are doing it," says Campbell.

But she was tight-lipped when we asked where the Botox came from.

All she would say is, "It's a trusted source. I don't get it illegally. I'll just say that."

Since going public with her daughter's Botox treatments, Campbell has become an object of public ridicule as far away as the UK.

Campbell says she no longer plans to put her daughter in pageants, but she still doesn't think she did anything wrong injecting her 8-year-old with Botox again and again.

Campbell says, "Everybody has their opinions. Nobody can really tell me what I'm doing is wrong, because there are plenty of people out there doing what I'm doing."


  1. nais lang siguro na maging maganda ang anak..kaya ginawa ang ganun..

  2. Arvin: naku naman parekoy eh kung nais lang, bata pa kaya yan..


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