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Masturbation facts and statistics...

  •  95% of  Men are into masturbating, compared to 89% of Women. 
  • For married individuals the rate is 70% for both men and women.
  • Fewer married Christian men 61% admit to masturbating.
  • Only 13% consider the practice normal.
  • Frequency :More than 40% of males and 22% of females admit to masturbating daily.
  • 55%of men and 48%masturbate at least once a week.
  • The average time a porno is watched in a hotel room is 12 minutes.

  • 53% of women use vibrators when masturbating. Reportedly 17% of men also use vibrators when solo masturbating.
  • Masturbation may good for you. Studies suggest it may reduce the risk of prostate cancer to men.  For women, cervical infections  might also be reduced of frequent personal stimulation.
  • Over 2.5 millions of flesh light had been  sold worldwide.
  • More than 41% of people have been caught masturbating. 22.6% have intentionally been walked on i.
  • 4 out of 10 prefer masturbation than sex.
  • According to the Sumerians who first invented the  Western language, the Tigris river was created when then Mesopotamian god Eki masturbated, causing his ejaculate flood the earth!
  • Male Kangaroos have been known to give themselves blow jobs.
  • Female porcupines have been witnesssed using wooden sticks as Dildoes.
  • At this very moment, 797,151 Americans are masturbating. That's more people than the entire population of Alaska.


  1. Anonymous4/26/2011

    hahaha... ganda ng info :) di ko alam yan ah...

  2. Anonymous4/26/2011

    The animal facts are really crazy!

  3. good to know. natawa naman ako sa mga animals bwahahaha

  4. Kikomaxxx: Yup, hehehehe, thank you!

  5. Maggie: Thanks Dear..

  6. hard2getxxx: Whoa, at least I made you laugh..

  7. should've know this when i was younger. would've saved ma a lot of guilt then haha!

  8. Sean: You should.. LOL

  9. Malilibog tlga ang mga tao simply because humans are all sexual beings...sabi yan ni Sigmund Freud haha!

  10. Jag: ganun ba yun? Hehehehehehehe.


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