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The Royal Queen...

If there is  someone I would like to say thank you It would be "Maria Venus Raj!".. I could still remember how tough it was when she was fighting to regain her crown and to represent our country in MU. Her battle open the eyes of many, she inspired millions of lives and paved the way for the Philippine delegate in making the cut. We just wished to get into semi- but the tough Raj, declared she would make its final cut. With her determination, courage and her exotic beauty she was even hailed as one of the most beautiful candidate last year. Venus, truly you are the planet that shines and will continue to shine forever. 

Thank you for unleashing the curse that dominates from 2000 to 2009- we had sent tough,beautiful, and intelligent delegates but their radar never worked. And to enticed Donald Trump was really hard tasked to do. But because of your great beauty and intelligence you maked him salute and say this " Miss Philippines, is like she was born in Royalty.." As i could perceived, no one in the history of MU ever received this credit.

As you are going to pass on the crown and the title  as Binibining Pilinas Universe tomorrow, that doesn't mean we also passed our adoration and admiration to the new "Binibini". You will continue reigning and will be forever our queen- the exotic beauty of Brgy. Bato Camarines Sur- Bicol Region. You are the representation of an empowered Filipina!

May the Lord God Bless You and all your endeavors in life...

Good Luck Venus!


  1. Truly an epitome of Filipina beauty...

  2. Jag: Thanks buddy, yup she really is..

  3. Pinay na pinay talaga ang ganda niya..major major,hehe....mabuti at sa abs cbn siya napunta bilang artista..

  4. ok lang yun kuya..medyo busy din kasi ako..hahaha

  5. Arvin: uu nga eh..

  6. Ayu: Salamat naman..


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