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What love really mean to you?

I just talked to myself, and said:

Nobody said you have to love someone, and get hurt. Nobody said, you have to makes friends and developed it to be come love. And let it grow and grow. I never as well gave any false hopes to anyone to fall for me. I wasn't prepared for whatever the result. I screwed up.I am wondering what really love means.

It is rude and selfish. Lusty and proud. But it is the sweetest thing in this world. It cannot be bartered by any earthly things in this world. As I grow up, I slowly understand, how love, moves and how it affects our lives. How does it gives us meaning and direction.

But sometimes, love as well abuse us. Makes us suffer from the consequences. Now, it even gives me hard time to think what it is.
It is inevitable.

I'm in vain..


  1. Love murag bubble gum, kon makapilit makabuang hehehe...

    Seriously, it's what makes us alive!

  2. Love is great. Lust is lust! hahaha
    Love both. But realy lovely lasts and lust doesn't.
    I haven't been deeply in love ever. Although I though I had been I wasn't. I know love for my family but for a partner, I don't think so.

  3. Jag: Ikaw jud, lagi mura ug tama pud na ba..

  4. Maggie: nice of you dear, but loving a partner is sweetest thing as well. But it's one way critical of another..


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