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Conquering Dahican beach Resort- Mati City...

Be mesmerized with the crystalized water, the blue space which every human being believe it heals depression. One thing to say :  this is just awesome!

Travelling dawn is the worse thing for me, since I hate waking up early. But with that adrenaline rush my partner has, all I can say this Mati City has something to offer this holy week.  Went off with the peak speed of 120kl/hr we reached the place at exactly 8 am. It's  quite fast isn' it? Well, my partner does loved adventure and stuff.  Not familiar with the place, we stopped thrice to ask direction. It's annoying thing to do so, since we are from Davao region, 200 kilometers- but Mati City is the farthest Province of Davao. Hearing the sound of the giant waves we  couldn't hid the excitement from within...                                         (the view going to Mati city)

So we went directly to Dahican Mati city, which is the "surfing capital of Davao region".  It's just 3 kilometers away from the city, going there is kinda hard if you don't have your own car, it's rough road and dusty. But nothing stopped us from conquering this place. We reached the place, it's sand is just stunningly gorgeous- the waves entices us to jump off and get wet. It's blue color ocean is just crazily adorable. Dahican, is a free site to swim and surf, no entrance fee, the only thing to pay is the rent of the skim boards (30/hour) which "lumad" used it as their means of living. Poor moi, don't know how to ride and glide, I still need to practice it.

Here are the tips to get there :

This breath taking beach resort is up for grab, with a free access to all things that it offers.  If riding a bus from Davao City, it only cost you 350 pesos to get there (air condition). Since Dahican is 3 kilometers away from the main, all you need to do is to ride a motorcab which would only cost you 20 pesos, reaching the place is not that hassle, reminder no charge on get into this magnificent beach!

Plan and visit this un-discovered scenery which our archipelago boasts!


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