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Adopting new trends of the World Pageantry....

Now that the Binibining Pilipinas phenomenon had happen, the mania has already subsided. Some mourned, shed tears, and bashed  the newest winner which they believed their favorites were robbed and that they should have won the coveted titles. It's just too hard to ponder how fans really support their candidates in terms of cheering, they even spent money to vote thousands of times just to let their candidates won. And their love and passion for pageants is as hard as the rocks in canyon park. Well given the fact we Filipinos loved it.
                                                   the beautiful MJ

I felt bad that MJ Lastimosa from Davao city, who is deserving to represent our country to Brazil wasn't able to get one of the 3 titles- well I wanted  her the  MU plaque. But thankful enough atleast she made it til top 5 and hailed as second runner up. But what about this super beauty Patricia Tumulak, which I personally believed she was ROBBED. This lady can pull down every undies. And can even shake the whole Brazil at thesame time. With her expressive eyes,the vavavoom body, a veteran to pageant, Patricia could be the best representative this year, believing that she has good personality, and the communication skills is well enough, reserved. But Stella Araneta Marquez- doesn't like her I believed so!

                           the Robbed Super beauty Patricia Tumulak

I felt sorry for her. I am not against on Shamcey Supsup's winning the PMU- she is intelligent and sexy, but the type of beauty that Donald Trump's looking wasn't vested on her. She will just be like Theresa Licaros, whose fate was just a huge clapper. Admittedly she is top notcher lass, with an amazing track record at school, brainy plus. But Shamcey has no "X-FACTOR" which MU stage requires. I don't think so if this year- the luck of Venus will soar higher than the expectations of many. Or will it be another start of drought? Let's find out.

My opinion : We had sent brainy in MU, we had sent representatives with amazing track record and have been coming from known school- but still nothing happened. We thought they will made it. Yup, going to MU- but to get into the top 15 was impossible. And what happened all of then were clappers.

Binibing Pilipinas owner should consider that Latin countries come prepared, with  the make over, the surgeries which contestants had undergone was no longer a clandestine. Instead it becomes an avenue to all ladies who wanted to join pageants. Venezuela the country who produces such dark horses admitted that most of their candidates undergone surgeries- and they mean business with that, and the outcome is just fascinating. They dominates from big four to minor pageants. And hailed as the "world's top producer of beauty queens."

Latinas always impressed the  judges, I just wonder some of them has poor communication skills and cannot withstand without translator- but they managed to impressed the jurors and captured the crown. Philippines is known as the country who can speak well in English- but we failed 9 times with in this decade. In which that span of time, we sent intelligent but no X-FACTOR representatives.

Philippines pageantry should adopt the system which most Latin nations applied. Especially to Stella Araneta who came from a country who also sent dark horses.She should think that we are not living in the old style of pageants, that the world pageantry is evolving. Transformational matter should also be included. If the candidate shows potentiality then she should bend her rules. Her own rules.

I just heard some gossips that ABS-CBN is planning to negotiates franchising the Binibining Pilipinas Universe. Which I personally believe  will remove rules which were no longer applicable to the world of pageantry. Crossing my finger!

Conclusion : Philippines is one of the best and the toughest country to beat, if we made it to semi- final there is no doubt at all, that we have the chance to capture the crown. It's time for  the Philippines to change its views, adopt the new trend, but retain the spirit of a "Dalagang Filipina. "


  1. Ang sexy naman ng nasa picture..

  2. Arvin: hehehehe, uu nga eh.. Salamat sa pag dalaw!

  3. Anonymous7/22/2011

    Magiging clapper lang yang si Supsup. Hindi na kayo nadala kila Nina, Zora, at Tere. Sabi nga ni Melanie Marquez “Marami na tayong pinadala na magaling sumagot pero… LUZ VALDEZ!”. Itaga nyo sa bato, LUZ VALDEZ yang si Supsup, parang tuod ang katawan, parang kagat lang ng lamok ang boobs. Walang paki si Mang Donald kung magna/summa/laude pa yan kasi ang habol nya ay mga dyosa ang katawan at mukha. Siguradong lalamunin siya ng buhay ng mga diyosang sila Mexico, USA, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Malaysia at Peru. Mabuti pang magresign na siya para hindi na niya tayo paasahin, mapapahiya lang siya pag tinabi sa mga diyosang iyon. Hello to another year of Drought for the Philippines in Miss Universe!.


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