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things I wanna see in HEAVEN AND HELL

As a kid, I used to ask my mom before what is that color blue above us. She would slowly say that it a place of forever. A place of happiness and joy. With the great hug, she will show me the picture of heaven and telling me, if I will do good I will be there soon. But as a kid, i asked her if there is anybody who lived there now and clean the house like what our friends' did in our home. With an eye popping look, she said yes, and the color of the house is yellow, the floor is yellow and my bedroom in there is also yellow. I greatly imagined it, how about my food I guess it is yellow also. I envisioned, eating margarine and cheeze everyday. Whoah!....

But growing up, and slowly knowing the things that I had asked to my mom before, things that i had discovered, the yellow color that my mind was struggling to know, is one of the very expensive things that the girls wished to have. And it is gold.

Due to some ideas that i kept inside, I made lists of things that i want. But it is too obvious if i will still jot all those things that I need to have in this world, or places that i wanna visit. So i made lists for the things i wanna see in heaven and in hell.

So here they are:


God,Jesus(his wounds),Angels,St. Paul,Peter,John the baptist,king Solomon,Abraham,David,Esther,Joshua, Mama Marry,palace, throne of God, his crown,grand pa,grand ma,cousin Jira, and the bed room that my mom had said.


Satan,demons,hell,dragons, 7 head beast,aswang,dracula,momo,lamia,vampires,valentina(the snake woman in narda)..

all of this has a great part in our daily life. wishing and wishing, dreaming about something. If I will be going to heaven that is the list i wanna see, or if in hell, just thesame thing.

If i will ask you, what list did you make for your self? And what place you wanna be?



  1. heaven..kasi payapa doon at walang gulo..tahimik..tim pakisabi naman kay fiel-kun na salamat sa award at sabihin mo din na almost 3 days ko ng di nabubuksan ang blog niya..pag click ko sa blog list ko ay nag eeror at ayun na cloclose pag click ko ang "don't send"..dalawang internet cafe na ang sinubukan ko di ko talaga ma open..kaya nga di ako maka message sa cbox niya..sana sabihin mo sa kanya..ewan ko bakit di ko mabuksan..nagkakaroon ng encountered a problem ang internet at need to close bawat open ko blog site niya..sana mabasa niya ang message na ito..noon naoopen ko..lately lang hindi..

  2. ang blog ni fiel-kun ay

    maraming salamat..di ko pa nga nakikita ang ibinigay niya ulit na award kasi nacloclose po ang computer bawat open ko ng blog site niya..siguro panandalian lang ito..

  3. well i'm pretty sure i'm gona burn in hell...

    that's why i'm trying to make a heaven of my life here on earth....:)

  4. Arvin- i did send message to your friend. Don't worry it is just a technical problem...

  5. Yj- don't act like you are losing your hope to be in heaven. God never said if you are gay you cannot go to heaven, but how about your heart is clean and qualified to be there. god never see on how the way you act but what is inside of you. Who are you on earth...

  6. Interesting question ....I have always thought of Heaven as a house because when we had lightening and thunder parents told me that was Heaven having their furniture moved around to make room for more visitors :)

    Hell I always pictured flames and just not a happy place to go to:)

    I guess I have not put a lot of thought into it outside of what I learned from others thoughts and opinions :)

  7. accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior...then surely you'go to Heaven...

  8. Gusto kong maging mapayapa ang aking buhay pag namatay na ako kaya gusto ko si Lord ang kasama ko sa heaven. ^_^ Pag sa hell kc baka ako maging negra ^_^

  9. Definitely in heaven. But not now. Not anytime soon. But I would love to see St. Peter and his rooster. Plus the bowling lane whenever there is thunder :D

  10. both heaven and hell
    heaven on earth- if you live peacefully means no problems about everything.if you live smoothly and satisfactorily.
    hell on earth- the other way around. if you have problems that could hardly be solved and you can not sleep thinking about it, then you are torturing yourself, that's a helll.inorder to get out from that hell be satisfied, aim things which you think to can achieve.
    be satisfied what you have then you are always be in heaven.

  11. Dorothy- people always imagine what is heaven, i always do. but the fact that it is too hard to be in heaven, if you your self is hell.

  12. gracia- accepting Jesus is a great choice. but if you are not yet ready it is useless.

  13. Meryl- yes it is too good to hear that you wanted to be on heaven. inspiring. thank you

  14. Madz- you make me smile huh..

  15. Faye- i really agree with you!!!


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