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Interesting facts about "HUMAN BODY"

Just woke up when I heard my phone buzzing. I picked it, and read the message. It is my friends' text. It is just really amazing for me to read it because it gives me the idea of finding something to post on my blog.

So here it is.....

The largest cell in the human body is the FEMALE EGG.

The smallest is the MALE SPERM.

A full BLADDER is roughly size of the softball.

The average of man's PENIS is 3x the length of his THUMB( no erection).

The average SLIT of woman's VAGINA 2x the length of her THUMB.

It takes food 7 seconds to get from your MOUTH to your STOMACH..

P/S: i know you are still looking at your thumb.


  1. interesting! ^_^
    matingnan nga uli ang thumb ng husband ko hehe.^_^ hmmm...napatingin tuloy ako sa thumb ko ^_^
    wahahah! ^_^

  2. ayos ang post mo na ito..sino ang nagtext sa iyo nito..iyong kay katrina halili siguro 5 times hehe..joke..

  3. Meryl- yun nga din ginawa ko eh.. hehehe..

  4. Arvin- it is out of his curiusity yata...

  5. hahaha... parekoy... nadali ako dun sa thumb! wahahaha. ayos P


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