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This is for OPRAH

Two days ago I just did posting, it is kinda early to post again, for my new friends and old ones could read it. But seems the heart is looking for something to do, and that is to express of what I feel inside. The emotion, the hatred, aspirations and most of all the words that burst inside of me. Well nobody can deny that if you feel really different or something that your heart were strolling to one place to another, you yourself will wonder why. It is one reason of being bothered and restless at night. So for my self, i make sure that this feeling will swept away, and the new tim will be okay and motivated again.

When I am alone, I used to think of what will gonna be my life in 10 years from now. The life that I kept on wishing, can it be fulfilled? Or i will remain as usual like those people who never achieved of what their hearts' desire. Well I guess there were just wisher and not a dreamer. Dreamer have something to do about his dreams and will never allow his dreams to become a wish. So that is me. So it came to a point I think about going back to USA, and be with my family. How about writing for Oprah?

Fetching Oprah when she was young was really bad, she keeps on biting my hands, showing that she was refusing to go with back to her house, she walks so sexy, her tantalizing eyes had lead boys crazy. Loves adventures, chasing those enemies that she hated the most, whoah! Oprah, it is bad,but she will just glance at you with her big brown eyes that imposing that is her business. she is just trying to help DDS to kill those unwanted matter in this city. Oh really? Just don't ask what is DDS. One thing i learned from Oprah was he aggresiveness to one thing, if she wanted it, as long is she can get it without hurting anybody then she will pursue no matter how hard the way would be,the fighting spirit was such high and strong. But somehow she got tired and sleep a lot, there was one time she is trying to do something and she pursue it, astonishing she made it. But after that, one whole week she just stay at home slept!

I love the crazy character of Oprah! I love you my cat!!


  1. akala ko ang Oprah na nasa amerika..pusa pala..hehe..kinuha mo pala ang name ng pusa mo sa isang sikat na tao..

    the name of your cat is Oprah..

  2. ARVIN- hehehehehe, yeah i did. And i love Oprah din naman..

  3. good posting really thought ur talking about the queen of talk Oprah hehe what a lucky cat named from my fave talk show host

  4. Sam- yeah they thought its oprah! hahahaha, but Oprah would always be my idol.


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