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The true face of PROFESSIONALS... how will you view it?

We always dreamed to be somebody someday. To be like those people that we idolized the most. In other words, we dreamed to be professional someday, that dream was so sweet to hear in our ears and a wonderful thing for our hand. It is like a diamond that girls were wishing to have it, and it is like a car for boys that every time they see it, they were shouting one day soon they would owned something like that. Well we can wish and dream. The drive that we have inside help us to be patient to wait, and helped us to be more determined to achieve the word PROFESSIONAL.

And God blesses you so much, you achieve it. The things started to changed, from simple to fabulous, from rent house to a huge condo, from commuting to owning a BMW. So awesome to observed people grow up like this way, the breakthrough was really huge. I am happy for them.

To observed and see them, owning the world with fabulous things, A T M's, travels abroad was so fantastic! Wow, how i wish I can have it. And be like that, one day soon. But living with this things and be with this world was the most horrible life, I am not saying all of them, but somehow we forget who we are when have the power and the money itself. We thought that all people would respect us, and we can grip them easily.

So the things started to changed- and the attitude reaches its intense power. You become arrogant,boastful,unkind to people,you wanted to be the center of the attraction, and most of all you lose the respect that you have for them and for your self. You didn't care of what people feel, and what other thinks about you. It means " you never leave with other peoples' expectation". It is good to have this attitude, but somehow it is just too over for you to used it. That you might hurt some one because of this phrase. When you are in trouble, you used to focus on those bad things that your enemy has. You boast your self. And of course what you had achieve in life.

Is this the lesson that you had learned? In your grade and high school, did your teachers told you to be like this when you will have things that you wished? Did your parents instilled in your mind to be arrogant, once you will be professional? How about your church particularly the priest who baptized you? Friends influenced?

Now, do you deserved to be called as professional? And do you deserved for that great respect?

I think, it is NOT! Well definitely, and exactly its NOT! They never ever told you to do bad things when you get old, instead they taught good things,giving you good words, for you to used it, for your self and of course for people. This is not a competition! This is life, we need to achieved something for our selves, for our family to proud of, but if these things will just make you to be rude, "it is useless to have it". If you will just become stupid and be blinded with these achievements, " throw it" for these are just waste stuff who will probably lead you down.

Always remember that:" being professional never required college degrees, fame, nobleness, awards, and great stuff. It just asked one thing and that is the respect that will helped you realized, how wonderful is the life if you achieved something for all".


  1. "We must keep our feet on the ground"

    For me, maganda ang maging successful ang isang tao ^_^ lalo na kung ma achieve nya ang tagumpay niyang hinahangad.

    pero may iba na nagiging mayabang na parang di marunong tumingin sa pinanggalingan pero meron din naman iba na tumutulong sa iba lalo na sa mga nangangailangan ...shineshare ang kanilang blessings sa pamilya o di naman kaya sa mga foundation etc...

    i like your post.. para mamulat ang ibang tao na nagiiba ng ugali once na yumaman na o maging famous...

  2. nice post..minsan talagang nag iiba na ang ugali ng tao kapag naging successful na siya..may iba naman na kung ano mo siya nakilala noon ay ganun pa rin kahit naging successful na siya..

    para sa mga ganun na tao na nag iba ang ugali ng maging successful na ang masabi ko lang ay so what..di naman ako manghihingi sa inyo..sino ba kayo..okey lang kahit di na kita makaibigan..makakabili naman ako ng san miguel beer..

    i can drink with some friends na di ko kababata..

  3. Everybody might thought that being a professional will bring you great joy and success. Some might envy the managers who enjoy the benefits of having a brand new car, cellphone, and many others as provided by the company. But, little do they know that the cost of those benefits is their life/family.

    So, being a professional isn't really that great. Well, at least for me.

  4. agree. professional killers need not to have diploma :D

  5. Meryl- yes is really true. somehow let us think that reaching our goal is not the start of having our bad attitude..

  6. Arvin- thank you sa magandang comment. It inspires a lot!!

  7. Madz,tsariba- those people who never look beyond and what they had been through were the people who will never be happy of what they have today..


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