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I am searching something better! A new change, for life and for the world. I hope this video would become one of the great asset to help people to be aware about GLOBAL WARMING.

As of now, the CARBON DIOXIDE, that the world has, is 390 degree Celsius, but the earth needs 350 only. So because of this alarming situation, the United Nation decided to launch this to prevent and lessen the Carbon Dioxide that we have here in earth. The scientific studies, had said that on 2012, worst would happen if we cannot prevent it. By this campaign I my self supported it, not only for my own good, but for all the people in this wonderful place called EARTH.

To those people that would visit my blog, if your heart is aiming to help people to be aware, you can re post this, or copy the EMBED of this video. Let us help our MOTHER EARTH TO SURVIVED!!!

Hollywood celebrities, sports icons,supermodels supported this campaign. What about YOU?

Do it now, for the better future!

Thank You,



  1. i hope there is a big chance to save our mother earth..

  2. Alvin- yeah there is always a great chance of saving out mother earth..

  3. i will repost this video soon to support
    thanks for sharing

  4. Meryl- thank you for supporting this campaign..


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