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human nature....

I am gonna be crazy! Yeah, it is to obvious that nowadays I am so stress and wasted about those things that I need to do.

Hey! this is something that i need to focus on, but wait- I don't know this way yet. I am so stress!
- lady

Whoah! the pageant is fast approaching, i still need to close a deal for the sponsorship! My God, what should I do?

I slept early, I am sorry i forgot to inform you about my load today. I felt alone! Hey you people, just do it for now, let me focus on Sir Bag. I don't know what to do!
- sir skip

Gush! what about the production cost! Hey all AE's please make a sale, I kept on giving you all the needs where are the outcome?
-ms. grace

Hey, i am so afraid about this pageant, we haven't make any back drop for the stage, how about the riser,smoke machine, and the stage? If we don't have those things, I will be going home and slept!
-kuya don

I am sweating, I followed up all my clients and my sponsors. but still not yet confirm, haven't confirm it!

In my days in marketing, these words were my food,my water and my lover. The words of inspirations and encouragements were always the main menu. Planning on how to close a deal, even for x deal was such hard for us to close. Learning slowly, that was the words that my boss were always saying. I guess we are learning in the field of marketing.

Their complains and mine were really hilarious! Is this a proper thing to do as an AE? I just realized that it was wrong, when i talked to my dad and he said that: looking for a sponsorship, money or even an x deal, then you are fighting for airing and the establishment will be seen on tv, is not that easy. This is the job were you will earned well, but the struggle and the effort to hit it has a huge part of closing deals. It is the patience that would matter here, and your fighting spirit to make it through. He told me to stop complaining, but keep on moving, things will just gonna be better. Those words of inspiration make me alive, and be motivated by money.

One thing I that I learned, it is really a human nature, who complained! So do i, and we cannot change it, but minimize!


  1. nice that you stayed positive. i agree, sometimes we get burned out even if we're doing what we love. kudos.

  2. yeah i agree!
    though complaing can't do anything...i guess it lessens our frustrations...
    we need it for escapism sometimes...

    but you're correct,
    there should be a decline in our complaining attitude as we mature...hopefully over time..

  3. We really can't avoid complaining especially when we are overstressed from work. So we must think of a nice strategy.

    Aja! aja! You can make it ^_^

  4. B.- thank you for visiting my blog. Let us think positively!

  5. Bea trisha- thank you for appreciating the effort. We should decline our exuberant attitude of complaining about the things.

  6. Meryl- we can use it as an excuse, but hope not all the time.

  7. obey first before you complain, hehe..ok lang iyan..part of life..


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