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the way girls are....

girls will always be a part of our life, it can be our mom,sisters, girl friends, special girl. And soon and so for. I believed that woman is the reason why the world revolves well, their eyes that sparkle, their smiles that shine, and their love that heals the wound and helped the world survived.

life is incomplete without woman...

I just turn my head on, while staring those beautiful ladies passing by. How to impress them and what makes them hates and dump those guys who never deserved for their love and care. Truly that woman, is not born to be left, but they are born to be love.  Now, i will let you know what the way girls are...

So here are some facts, that which i myself do researched it, asked girls about their lives. Funny but true!

* one must be careful when talking to girls.

* one must lie to girls, or else they  get mad.

* girls has no sense of humor.

*girls never do anything for free, but luckily one can negotiate, if one has something they want.

* girls are very receptive to feelings.{they'll do anything, if you show some little vulnerability}

and lastly

* girls are the nicest thing in the world!

Thank you!



  1. i totally agree to the last word about girls..

  2. Sorry to cut the trend early, but I don't. For me, men are. Hahaha!

  3. Arvin: yeah, special!

  4. Manich: hahahahaha, you really defend our brood buddy.. Awesom, but somehow, if we look back, girls will always be special..

  5. hi tim.. vote mo na ako.. hehe.. off topic. hehe

  6. ambiguous_angel : hehehehehe, thank you sa pag visit..

  7. richard: anu yan na voting?

  8. i agree with manech. men are! hehe

  9. Darc Diarist : hehehehehe, whoah, its getting hot in here..

  10. nyaw~!!h..sorry for the late reading of your post..kinda been busy these past weeks..but now im back~!!!:3

    anyway..haha...glad to be a girl if all the guys in the world thinks like that~! x3

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

    misses you kuya,
    ayu ^_^

  11. ayu: hey there, welcome back baby... hope you're okay now.. miss you too!

  12. thanks for welcoming me back..i really appreciate it :3 im happy and okay :D

  13. ayu: that is cool, that you are happy..

  14. Awww... this post definitely made me smile. If only more guys could come to such a realization. =)


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