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Timothy Jian Smithson

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10 weirdest things about TIM....

As i  said being alone makes you think deeper..  I helps you decide, and helps you glanced back those nasty and weirdo stuff  that you did before. So do I!

#1: I can drink one pitcher or ice tea alone, if i have friends with me, i used to keep it, and if they're gone, ofcourse i will feast drinking it. Feeding my fetish. (How does it sounds like to you?)

#2: I can wear my clothes 3 to 5  times. ( it depends if it still smells good)

#3: I only have one pair of socks. ( so that means, i used to wear this in a month without washing it, but my feet   are clean you know ^_^.)

#4: I love Victoria Secret Angels and Miss Universe. ( weird thing is,  for how many years now still browsing it and enjoy watching it. Take note: Miss Universe 2009 all the names of those candidates, ages and country i did memorized it.)

#5: I don't wear brief, but i love boxer shorts. ( i can wear  one boxer in two days, but hey i took a bath thrice a day, still fresh.. hehehehe)

#6: I hate people sayiong goodbyes! (weird is, even they're not my friend i still shed tears, sounds what?)

#7: The lock of my room was destroyed, and needs to replaced it. But i don't want to, because i love it. Now i am just faking those thieves, thanks God they never noticed though.

#8: I am crazy about runway models! ( weird thing is i always present my self so someone else who needs 6'1 or  6'2 models for runway, and they always say, " tim you are just 5'8 okay")

#9: I love to clean my ears, whoah crazy about it. (weird thing, if i do it, i never used alcohol for cotton buds instead my saliva,  how does it sounds like?)

#10: The weirdest thing that i have was thinking about these nasty things right now, and posting it here, and i know some of you will put some OMG comments. I know, but i am ready for it.


  1. i will wait for the number 10..

  2. whoa! ang weird nga parekoy ahaha :XD

    I also hate saying goodbyes but I love saying hello :D

  3. Arvin: hehehehe..

  4. feil-kun: hehehehe, yun na nga ba.. hahahahahahaha!

  5. natawa ako ng bonggang bongga sa listahan mu kuya tim~!! di nga..totoo lahat yun??? 0.o?? owwsss...weeeeeeeeeeee.....

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  6. Wow! That's pretty weird.

  7. hahaha...totally weird...cguro gfted ka lang kc ung katawan mo ay d maxadong nagse-secrete ng sweat kaya d ka nangangamoy hehehe...nakakatulong ka sa nature nyan hehehe tipid sa tubig lolz...

  8. ayu: yeah, i didn't lie to anybody else just to let you smile or think who i am... i did it, because i am not afraid or shy to let the world know. hehehehehe

  9. MinnieRunner: hehehehe, i know..

  10. Jag: tama ka talaga. hehehe, hindi nmn ako mabaho, hehehehe..

  11. :) haha...astig.,.bilib ako kasi kaya mung magsiwala ng mga ganun kapersonal na bagay about you..i adore you for that ^_^


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