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TSUNAMI threat....

Watching those nerve wracking videos and news reports about what had happen to those countries who suffered tsunamis was such alarming for us Filipinos. Furthermore, we are living in an archipelago, Philippines  is facing pacific ocean, we all know that it is the largest and the biggest ocean in the entire world. So if tsunami will hit our country it would take just seconds, and we all gone.

Two largest networks in the Philippines both annouced that tsunami will hit some parts of Davao region and Surigao. ABS- CBN and GMA both informed people to be ready about this catastrophe that will happen today. To receive a serious threat about tsunami is not as easy as just a usual typhoon.

Alarming and one of the most terrifying news i had ever received. I was browsing, and checking those photos taken at Indonesia, Thailand, Chile and more countries who had this bad experiences about tsunami. The photos just shows how terrific is was for them, skylines,great structures  had been destroyed. I cannot figured it out, if it will happen right here, in Davao city. I know it would be another big problem that our government will be facing. Another life, another challenge and another struggle for us to bounce back, if it will happen.

It was late night, when i know that this day, February 28,  2010, tsunami will hit Davao city. At exactly 1 pm. Knowing that there are so many people who live in this big city of durian, what will happen? I asked my self. There is no reason not to prepare and not get my self ready. I go to net cafe, and started to inform some of my friends about this hilarious  news. And telling them, that all of their relatives who lived near the beach must   vacate and find a good shelter for them away from the vicinity, or else worst will happen.

I am just happy that most people who heard it, directly prepared and kept their family in a safe places. there are no reason not to be afraid with this threat.  PHIVOLCS  confirmed  that it is true. Tired and sleepy this morning, i didn't noticed that it was already 11 am, i hurriedly go to the kitchen and check my dog, i checked my phone, finding some messages about this news. I prepared and wait to what will happens' next.

At exactly 1 pm,    i observed and think if tsunami was already here in Philippines particularly in  Davao city. In succeeding hours of waiting, we never find any giant waves  or anybody else telling us that they were affected. Or something that, it was here. I think two things in this threat. It is either a false alarm- for us to make our selves ready  and second it is just the power of God hover this catastrophe. And lead it into nowhere.

One thing that i had learned is: we need to put our trust in God. And let Him do the rest. We should say thank you to Him, that it never happened. A false alarm, but would shake our faith and would test our faithfulness on Him.

Thank you!


  1. agree with the last paragraph.
    but i was not really terrified cause i have this belief inside of me that it really wont happen.
    and i still hope it wont.

  2. ambiguous_angel: that is correct!


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