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Timothy Jian Smithson

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"sometimes competition doesn't really challenge us, it only lead into depression if we can't get what we wanted to have"

i can't make  poems anymore
my hands stops from typing
every track resounds back and forth
your glimpse has gone....

somebody owns you now my heart is in pain
impossible to touched you again
my plans shrink, can no longer roll
too late it may consider,and tears wrapped all over

i wanted to get you from that refuge
to let you know, how i feel
praying to have you not in vain
but "amour" you are in frame

i am conqueror, at heart i am fool
knight and able bodied spirit
places and realm i am brave
seiging your heart leave me undone

"amour" may that refuge will last
guiding you till at last
i hope, forever his love remains
gratified to see you in framed, even i am in vain....

"vous serez toujours mon amour dame"


  1. tama ka sa sinabi mo..makaka depressed nga kung ang hinangad natin sa kompetisyon ay hindi natin makuha..nice poem..gawa ka pa..dddddddddd

  2. Arvin: yup, kaya nga eh...


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