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black thunder

Gusto kung bumalik sa kung saan ang buhay ko'y tahimik, na walang gulo, isang taong walan muwang sa kung anu ang tinatawag na socialization. Isang taong ang hangad lamang ay mag kapera at mabuhay ng matiwasay. Walang gulo, inaalala, no insecurities,intimidation at kung anu anu pa man.

Isa akong tao na nangarap mabuhay at mabago ang buhay,tulad ng ibang kabataan na gustong mabago ang tingin sa sarili,mabago ang tingin ng magulang sa isang anak. Na mawala na ang kanilang pag dududa na di ko kayang mabuhay ng magsasarili. Isang buhay na pinapangarap kong tirhan,walang mga masasamang implowensyang sisira sa mga pangarap at buhay ng isang katulad ko. Katiwasayan at payapa and kailangan.

Nag simula akong mag trabaho sa edad na 15, sa edad na to' akoy naging isang "house boy" you might think i lived life with silver spoon or what ever you call it or a definition of rich brat kid. " I AM NOT"

I am the youngest of the two, my mom had previous family before our family started, so we are 3 included her daughter in her first husband. I lived in a remote area which most of us Filipinos lived. Remote, a place of people who has  one goal in life," to live one day at a time" but to understand it deeply, it would definitely explains like this way  " as long as they can eat three times a day life will continue, let the tomorrow problem itself ". A shallow explaination of one's life, an epitome of laziness.

Growing up in the situation where most kids doesn't have plans to go to school, instead waking up in the reality of buckling up yourself to work and work for food and for the family. My father was a graduate of martial arts take note " a deadly black belter"  an example of a strong man who is willing to protect his family from danger, from people who might hurt his loveones.  Well it would be wonderful to think of, it that is the outcome of his profession.

A battered son, flying walls was just normal for me,the annoying sound of a drunken master was always my alarm clock, an alarmed which i dream to stop forever, and will tick and tack! Dreaming of becoming somebody was always in my heart, to change my life and my family is my passion. Unlike other kids i am very observant, outspoken and hard headed, i am willing to fight even though it was my fault. Most of my classmates in school hates me, they don't like the way i act and rule the life that i have. In short i am bitter! A bitter person with a huge dream to achieved in life, a dream that would definitely changed my life.

But to achieved it, it takes time and a huge effort, sacrifices and challenges to tackled and to be faced. As a young kid, many people asked why i am so bitter, arrogant and not easy to be with, i can make the world cry for me to be justified, furthermore i can make thousands of lies to make this world believed i am innocent. And ofcourse as villain i always won the battle. I don't care if i would lose friends, but for me i would lived life according to what i wanted it to be. My life my rules!

Wait for the part 2


  1. Life is what you make it...

  2. Anonymous7/27/2010

    Life is a challenge and sometimes even when we are wrong we don't want to admit it but I think sometimes we just have to be brave and admit we were wrong. Besides life is full of amazing things. :)

  3. This article is very interesting, thanks for sharing us this post, you can also see this related post @ www.sportpilipinas.blogspot.cvom

  4. Jag: yup, thank you so much for that inspiration man!

  5. Maggie : wow, that is awesome mag, and thank you for this message..

  6. Toybox : oh, thank you for that, and thank you for dropping by!

  7. hmm..
    i'll definitely wait.
    nicely written.

  8. salamat sa pagbahagi mo tungkol sa iyong buhay..

  9. ARVIN: thanks man...

  10. ambiguous_angel : thank you for that...


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