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Timothy Jian Smithson

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i will make you love again....

How many times i have told you,
how many times do i need to say this;
"love  is greater than anything to have,"
it is wonderfully made by God for human...

It is hard to ponder, but lucky to have it,
Mysterious yet it is widely open for public;
Secret but cannot be hidden,
it is  the light of the lost and the life of humanity.....

How long will you persecute me?
How long will you say " i am not good";
How long will  you say "love hurts",
Truly i never harmed you nor to anybody.......

I have given you mind and heart to choose,
I never tried to hurt but to make you happy;
Dreaming of making you the happiest one in this world,
but  because of me, your life ruined...

Now you are blaming me,
Blaming of the mistakes that i didn't do;
Creeping, crawling, struggling to survived,
I don't want to call my self "guilty"........

But when i see you crying,
It always led into that conclusion;
I am  "LOVE"  can't take hurting "you"
I am sincere and loving.....


  1. first time ko dito, galing mo pala gumawa ng tula : D apir!

  2. wow..ayos ang poem mo na ito..maganda..

  3. WAIT : salamat nama at na appreciate mo.. salamat sa pag dalaw mo dito sa bahay ko...

  4. ambiguous_angel : salamat...

  5. Daij: thank you so much man...

  6. Arvin: hehehehe, nahihiya nga ak0o sayo eh...


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