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Timothy Jian Smithson

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You might think it is........


Shakey but happy,
shapeless but molded;
crying but in happiness,
crawling but with gladness....

life is mirror of one self,
a facade of dreams
a letter of tomorrow;
and a fulfillment of goals.....

life is the illusion of magician,
interpretation of   pie in the sky;
swaying in this journey
and the fruit of  the undying labor....

the stone that shines, but fades
erruption of every nub,
makes the world creepy;
stained wire and old ones passed....

lonely streets  wearing black
you can't hear the blare
nor the sounds of clamor
but look up and feel the beat....

what a silly thoughts
in this witless yak,
hearing your bawl;
but there always logic in everything....

look up, see the sky
the regression is phenomenal,
the astounding views of tomorrow;
remains with in you...

" try to understand what it means"


  1. aww..this is so nice..i love the concept..the meaning and the words you used :D

  2. Anonymous7/15/2010

    Very beautiful! You have a way with words! You have so many blogs! How do you manage to keep them all alive! LOL

  3. hmm. amazing.
    you have a talent, i bet you know that:)

  4. ayu: thank you so much baby...

  5. Maggie: thank you for that.... i jut do the routing.. rounds.. lol

  6. ambiguous_angel: wow, hehehehe...


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