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Timothy Jian Smithson

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anything under the sun,a time for a change

life has its own time, all you need to do is to wait not to find your destiny,because true destiny never be found anywhere.
Because it is inside of you, just need to wait for its time to move, being patient is a virtue,love and courage will strengthen your faith. to make your life wonderful, faith is necessary. necessary for a new changes.
Life has its own time:

a time to start- and a time to end,
a time to sow- and a time to reap,
a time to say hello- and a time to say hello,
a time be brave- and a time to be afraid,
a time speak- and a time to be mum,
a time to smile- and a time to cry
a time to lose, and a time to win the game!

We came together because we are the reason why the world revolved in the orbit.
For everything happens by choice and not by force. Changes happens today not tomorrow. If you decided to be brave then you can decide to win. All things depend on you, not with nature.

Ride with the wind of change. And go where the breeze takes you!!!!


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