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Back pain

As i woke up this morning, it is really bad. I felt so bad at all, i hate to move or do anything I keep
on complaining about my back. Something wrong with this i think so.
It is not easy for me to move and do the things which is i wanna do today.
Last night I go to bed early just for me to relax and sleep well.
Well its good i did sleep well.
But the only wrong thing is I got bothered with my back, I felt there is something inside of it that make me disturb every time i woke up every morning. Such strange because i never felt this before. I think this is one of the sign that i am getting older and older.. lol.
Yeah no joke at all- it is really painful. Upon writing this blog, i am bothered cannot really move well, my friends stare at me and ask of what is happening to me, why i walked so different.
Just cannot do move well because of my back.
I guess this is just a part of growing up. And not growing old. Never! I guess so..

"Because growing up, is learning to be strong, learning to be come a better person. Learning to be a good leader, learning to be a wonderful person. And learning to move forward for the better reason in life.
And Growing old is growing with out any directions, no address to be found. Nor great future. Let us grow up and not grow old with anything we impart to make this world more brighter and brighter.
For better reason to live is to help the world not lose this world!!.."


  1. well bro,must take care of yourself,ya?

    may be you've stressed too much lioa


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