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Timothy Jian Smithson

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Whats with T- I - M???


Rumor will always be my twin. And hindrance cover me, almost over. Now I am living alone, i am alone and alone- I don't know where to go, all my dreams were taken away from me. And i wanna know who is the main suspect for this incident. I ask my self, well I will always be the main suspect of what will gonna happen to me.

I used to react, and make a damn thing to fight back. Throw words that might be the reason of my BIGGEST FAILURE IN LIFE... I am a loser if will burst out, but i will be the reaper if wont react.

This is really one of the hardest test of time, for TIM to solved. This things confused me, and make my mind tilt.

What's with TIM? - to be afraid of failure? - to be insecure? - to think i am alone? - to think you I am not handsome? - to think conscious? - to think I'm a great loser? - to think negative? - to think I CANNOT DO IT? -to be afraid to try? - to be afraid to go on? And what is in LIFE, that TIM, afraid to have. In fact it is all given, and it's up for grab.

Now tell me??????____________________________________....


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