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judgemental, so BAD!!!!


I am now in the middle of confusion upon writing this blog, trying to make it awesome, for readers to hear my part. It is time for people to talk, the world is over, the time for judgement is near.
Speaking with judgment
it is such a terrific way of expressing our selves. Of what we feel towards anything or to anybody.
I was walking in a small alley, when I met one little lady. She is a type of a girl that I would never expect she can do it.
Nobody know who she was. Away from us, she is really cute and I think an awesome creature that God had blessed for the world. Definitely she is. But I never expect she will be the worst little girl that I would encounter, as she goes by it is a peaceful pathway. I am holding my phone, cause someone's texting me. I laughed so loud! While I am doing it, She turned back at me and ask if She was the one I did tease of what ever she thinks of.
I explain that she was not the one, and I never did laugh at her. I told her that it's on my phone . the message that I received. But she never stop asking me why did I laugh at her, she said that I am insulting her. I couldn't believe how horrible that situation was. For me that I dont wanna destroy my wonderful day, I just let it passed. And go on my way.
She judge me so horrible, she thought I laugh at her. Well it's the nature of the person to judge. It is not something that you are protecting your self, but it is the insecurities that burned inside of you. Because you your self did it to somebody.
It means what you sow, is always what you reaped!


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