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Big Break

Stepping up to another horizon, is always wonderful as it is. The people, job, escapades and the things that would happen in this way of life.

To start in a new path, is always awesome! Isn't it? Well I guess it is really awesome. In life it is always necessary to move on, to go forward, might be there were hard times to do so, but it is essential for growing up, as well as to be come mature. And to let the things happened as just a wonderful memories that would just gonna be reminisce d, and look beyond.

As always my dad use to implied on my mind, I must be better everyday, improvements is a must. Because in this world it is always a tough competition, there were no excuses nor exceptions for every person is intitled to execute. Might be, it is hard to understand, but for the people who had been through this way, they could comprehend it in a better way. So meaning every person is a performer. We are.

Somehow I myself use to think how crucial and hard the way that I would be walking on. Along the way I might feel tired or be exhausted, It will always be my fear to go beyond. Fear is coating me up. Maybe I feel this way, because of things happen to me way back. It is one of the reason, i think so why did i feel this way.

I did suffered discrimination, derailed by somebody and even mocked. I cannot even focused unto things that I am good, instead I consider my self as a loser. A great great loser! Nobody praised me then, nobody told me I am good. So every words that they used to threw on me, was being kept in my heart and mind.

Although i excel in my class, it is not really enough to cope up all things in one click. Sometimes those effort became useless as always happened, became a point of fire to burned up. I don't know why.

Recovery always happen, I try to learned to praised my self, care about what I have done, and the best thing i did I LEARNED TO LOVE MY SELF. It is fulfilling and very wonderful to have.
So then, it helps me to be persistent and to persevere of what I am doing. To pursue my dreams and make it possible.

Dreams that enlighten my heart to be strong and conquer the world,though there were times I felt damn and wasted, but I can determined there is changes happening on my life. And for that I am greatful! At least in a little way somethinng happens to me and it is good.
I learned to smile, and deal with wise people that would help me to know more about life.

So for now, I am enjoying life! Because I am inteded to be happy! I will update you of what is going on with my life, as long as I have wonderful thought in mind.


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