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Timothy Jian Smithson

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Now for the better..

This day I live like a billionaires life. Not that I own wealth but I own something more than wealth, more than money in the bank and whatsoever treasure that the world have. This is something a great fulfillment for me,as such I must prove to you, why this is more than gold and any luxurious treasure that the world have.
All things will be owned if you know how to find it dearly from the bottom of your heart, but this one that I have today is different, if you don't know what to do and how to get this one you better stop. Because it is a waste of time to make it through. For this is a serious matter as well.
I am talking about LOVE. Now this day I am really really happy, I am writing this blog with my boyfriend. He sits besides me, and we are happy staring each other.
A great feeling that i feel today can never be paid by any amount of money, nor treasure that the world have. That is why I better be in love and live a simple life than living like a king but empty hearted! that is the worst life I would have. So meaning in life it is not necessary you got money, if you are not happy to have it. Better to have LOVE, for it will help you to find a better life, than lacking it.
For love will heals the world and make the sun shines. Heals the broken hearted And make the earth dream!



  1. "I better be in love and live a simple life than living like a king but empty hearted"

    isang napakalaking korek ka sa sinabi mong yan!

    salamat sa pagdaan mo sa bahay ko at welkam sa mundo ng blog!


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