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Timothy Jian Smithson

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"All things has its own time". This phrase would always refresh my heart, and let me remembered what my dad had told me, we were still living together. he used to told me about how wonderful the life, and how meaningful the success if I made it dear from my heart. A life with passion- a passion for my dreams and a goal to make it real.
Somehow, reaching my dream is such tough thing to do. Hindrances counts a lot. Challenges that would mold you to be come a better person is not that easy. Things, would be higher and higher, tougher and tougher. On the road of struggles you have to learn on how to be strong and be brave to face challenges that you were in list to overcome it. In this place, fear is not allowed. But courage counts in a million ways.

As I grow up, my mind slowly cope all things that my dad told me, when I was young . The real world, real people and the real challenges which I need to overcome. All these are such strange to me. But I still remember his golden words for me,and that helps me to develop my self and gained trust for my self, to deal with the challenges. Well Growing up is wonderful. At this time, I did found out who was my great enemy, my biggest challenge that I need to overcome and that was MY SELF!

My weaknesses and negativity on mind- these are just things that I need to take it away from me.

But developing and experimenting on how to solved problem, whoah! is pretty awesome to do, because you will gonna learned how to do it and how to make it right, to think about everything must be in order. { You better have this attitude}

Learning is a process, nowadays I am happy because I am learning things in a better way. For life has its own time. And all i need is to have the THE GREAT FAITH, AND BELIEVE THAT I CAN MAKE IT! LIFE IS WONDERFUL, LET'S LIVE WITH PASSION!


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