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Harry Potter Mania


There was once a little dreams,a fantasy since I am a kid. I used to dream of having a great power a magic, which I could changed my self into a different one, or I will be invisible to anybody. Nobody would noticed me, especially my friends. To sneak out, that my dad would never know I did it. And talking to a non human being. And be friends with them-

Well it is just a desire of my little dream. That means is to be happy and live the life happily ever after. I used to think it that way- I don't know if I am a creepy minded one, but I feel a little bit of it even nowadays. Kinda weird definitely, but its a power of my imagination even at my age today. And the FANTASY that brings children to think something extraordinary about what is really magic means? So then, the world of animations and fantasy rises all over the world. The rapid production of these make easier to children and even old ones to be fanned of this life. Assummingly this is true, but that is all in the power of a writer and a director. their minds has the capacity to turn your own into a wonderful scenarios, to think this world would be forever. ?And ending would never happened ever.

Harry Potter( the movie) is one of the example! As I watched it, all creatures seems convinced me that they were all true. All were moving and making a wave to the way of life, all these has a great impact to the present life today, for me to you and to all-
Giving you an example about it,The love that burst all over the school of magic, they were all now mature and they feel LOVE to somebody in the cast. And the main problem would be DUMBLEDORE, we know that he is the head of all the good witches in their place. So now the HOGWARTS is facing a great problem, because DUMBLEDORE is dead. He was attacked by the bad witches which led by-LORD VOLDEMORT the leader of the bad wizard, that caused of his death. The school of magic was mourning, how can they faced the demons, now that their Head was dead. Well that is the best feature that we need to wait for the next chapter of it. So the Harry Potter mania would be ready for what is the NEXT! Better watch out for that-

This movie makes people to woke up and save their money just to watch it, the power of this movie makes all people to nod and wait for the next chapter. Well no doubt it is fantastic, it is interesting! The entertainment they brought for us, is really huge and gigantic. Their nerve wracking expeditions and magics will loosen up the world. This is seemed to be the unforgettable movie of all time. I tried to ask people about it especially kids. I was so amazed, I don't know all the cast of this movie but them, they all memorized it well! Enticing!

It is a one of a kind movie that people must see! There magnificent power to turn your head on, is really awesome. The power and its own magic that lead the world into a different life, full of actions and adventure.

As I grew up, fantasy becomes the mouth of my peers. Somehow, magic will just remain as a fantasy, though rumor comes out that this is true. Proof counts, I my self I haven't see it yet, a flying wizards and a shining armor of winks, the castle the dwarfs and every living creatures that helps fantasy to be alive. Yes, it is a fantastic world. A non ending dream, and a power of love whom make this world captured the hearts of the viewers.

This is an award winning film, which helped actors to be famous. And gathered awards for the movie. Astonishingly beautiful, the arts and creativity softens the heart of millions of viewers.
This kind of movie, such make its own mark.

They could turn your mind in one click, I don't know if I can say this is an elusive dream but all were convincing. In this life truth matters a lot, but when it comes in the movie- specifically in a FANTASY WORLD It never matter if it is fact or lie. That means in entertainment doesn't matter if it is true or not as long it makes people smile, it would be wonderful.

A lesson that I learned from this movie that would be, it is not something real would make world to notice you, its the drive of your self that would help you to conquer the world.

Live life wisely-


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