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I stay in that house quite long time now, a peaceful place and a wonderful cabin to stay. Relax and unwind is good, even this is just a small place, but it is really cool. Sometimes I brought friends with me and they liked to stay in the place, they said it's cool to be in there. Nobody would disturbed nor make any noise to bother somebody who wanted to relax,such nice place to stay.
Well it is true, it is my one and only place that I love to stay.

But that was before!
Now, it is really terrific place to stay, noise were so loud! There is no place to go, even single silence you can't never have it. No privacy, their annoying voices occupied the place. Starting the time that the young silly man lived in that house, it creates different ambiance to the place.
I think it is weirdo lively house now. Every day his voice makes the house so badly disturbed. He ignited the house with a different noise, It is not something that would lighten the place,but something that would make people being bothered and annoyed with their undying discussions about their studies, life, grammars and everything that may lead them to have a great conversation.
I wanna complained about their vice, but I hesitate to do so, not because they might be mad at me, but because I don't wanna destroy our good communication at home. But it makes me damn bothered with their daily habits.
Silly man, always did opened up their loud conversations, with matching laugh and gigantic yells!
It is really bad to hear. Last night I got so damn bad trip about their habits, they have change their location, they were now staying in the living room, before in the kitchen. So depressing scene. Supposedly I will be sleeping early, but I cannot even close my eyes the reason was their voices that was so huge! I wanna shout them to stop, but cannot make it.
Everyday the same scene I will be witnessing, no changes at all. The same people, husky and loud voices were still be the reason. I don't know what should I do, to make them stop, or even just slower their voices, It bothers me a lot.
I don't know what to do, the place that I love before, now it is the noisiest place to be. Voices destruct its good ambiance. So sad!


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