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Timothy Jian Smithson

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This past days, I have been facing different emotions, I got lots of trouble done,hassle mind, bothered, It sparks all i my mind. All things makes me damn. It makes me uncomfortable to deal with people. My emotions leads me into a different level of confusion.

I dont know what to do. Upon writing this blog, it sucks up all in my heart and mind.

Here is the reason why it is happening to me-
I am in love in a different way, I dot know where to position my self. Seems all the feelings that i have never been ignore by some one who i wanna spend my life. It is really terrific to think, nowadays I have been facing lots of depressions, it sucks up all in my heart. You know what I lost my job, due to some reasons, i dont know where to find again. I love the job that i have though.
I dont know how to start back again. Maybe I just need more courage to make it through.

Despair wrapped me all over, my mind was so bothered. The mix emotions i have really affects me so terrible. I just run out of time thinking what to do then. All things gone out wrong.
I ask my self what to do, for this time it is hard for me to move. I got lots of things to do then, but I dont know where to start, where to go, I am alone for the whole of my life.

I have been facing this alone, it is such a different life i have now. All things must be in a good way of managing it. If not, that would be another holocaust of my life. And i wish you joy and happiness. Above all this i wish LOVE.
Love that would wipe all tears in my heart. Might be people didnt see it but I am bleeding now.
My friends use to say" i can do it" but i dont know.
I think i just need more reason to survive.
Love that would heal the pain I have inside,brokenness, fragility and weaknesses i have.

The question now..

How to find it, where to find it, and what should i do to have it? ???
It is terrible feeling i felt inside.
please help me..


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