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Stupid cafe

Afternoon!!!!!!! I'm with my boyfriend. Because this day is his audition for a modeling here in our place. He told me to go to cafe and do some blog thingys as I always did everyday. Just to let the time past to wait for him.
We have waited the person that would interviewed him, i think an hour. That's terrific.

I just let it pass because he is the boss. And i dont want my boyfriend to be mad at me, of waiting that person. If only on me, i would really be mad to that person, but he was the one.
Time passes by, at last his boss will see him.

I went to the cafe, to check my blog and do my job everyday. I am really upset with their computer stuff that is not working well, its mouse was so stupid! It makes me so damn upset!
Upon writing this blog, I am still crazy!!! So I ask the sales lady to let me transfer another station and find a good one. Since i need to pay 11 peso for the rate, I ask her that i have to find another one that is better. What made me upset was she told me that if I will transfer to another station I will be paying 21 peso, because I am using the other one, then i will transfer to the next one.
It is ok, if i will stay for 2 hours, but i will just be using the computer for 1 hour only, and she let me pay that rate. How come? I was really mad ta this stupid cafe!!! Gosh!! so bad trip!!!

This is a cursed cafe ever!!


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