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Life has it's own changes. The changes that might be the reason of forgetting some one. Neither be the reason of letting go, but all i can say that this is something that you dont wanna stay on you.
So sad, that most of the people did this. Forgetting someone, because of some stupid reason about their fellings. hahai.. I know they got their feeling and they must ignore this as well. But the only wrong thing was, they instilled on their mind of letting you out and never be think back again.

I wonder why, this world has this kind of perception. FORGETTING!!!!

So sad to people who were being left emptied. Tears were falling. And I know how hard it is.

It's not moving forward, that would help you, but settling somethings before you left would heal the pain and make the way brighter.

To wipe the tears and comfort somebody that will be left is necessary, because It's not that easy to be left and undone. Wasted time and effort, bullshit and makes your day always damn!

To people who always did this somebody, hope you will realize how hard to be left undone..
Hope you will realize how stupid to mourn each day. Like a crazy dog, its saliva always falls with nothing to gain. Instead pain cope up the world!!!! And the depression that makes life horrible.

If you LOVE just to hurt somebody and makes their life terrific. You better dont do it. HEY FELLAS! IT'S A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!


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