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my note to God


A while back,I am sitting with peers in one of the restaurants here at our place. It's a good conversation at all, a place is really wonderful to stay and relaxed. It makes your mind stay in the mood of something that will evolved, to think about wonderful things that happens in life.

While we were talking, it is seems just a simple way as it is always, laughing and sometimes tease each other. Talking about our coming projects to come and be ready on how to make it through.

Suddenly the music was played. And it Charice Pempengco's first major song for Hollywood. And in fact it landed as number 44 in US Billboards 100 Hundred List, so it just shows that this song is really good to hear and wonderful. It's A NOTE TO GOD- I listen the song really dear from my heart, friends were talkin' but just ignore them and focus on to the song that was being played. The message itself was so touchy and I dont know why my heart felt something different about it.And I realizes how wonderful it is, each messages tore my heart and think its bleeding inside.

I really believe that sometimes songs help you to realize how awesome the life. It sometimes as well open up the eyes of the people who were looking for JUSTICE, FREEDOM, CARE, LIGHT, and mostly is LOVE.

These are the things that we lacked when we are in failure, in vain and a loser. If we can wrote a note to God, I really conclude that all things that you would speak that is in your soul, it is the HATE that would be swept away.

For Love to overflow- Asking for WAR to END- For PEACE to mend this world-

And asking Him to give us the strength to make it through, help us find love cause love is over due, because so much is goin' wrong in this road were on. To help us find a way, to end BITTERNESS and put some TENDERNESS in our heart. And tell him to give us HOPE, cause hope seems gone.

Because God, we can't do this on our own! No we can't! So JESUS HELP US.!!!!

This message make my night really different. Something I would never think it will happen to me. It's an evaluation how far I am from him. For that I will give you her latest single.

Thank you Charice for singing that wonderful song for US!!



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