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I love you...

I used to feel something wrong nowadays. I don't know about my feeling, its kinda crumpy!
It makes me so silly about the things that happens in my life. Seems I am bothered.
Looking for an answer lots of questions in mind.
One of this is my love for my boyfriend. I think i am really fallen in love with him, he really makes me so in love, and i am afraid of losing him. I found it out last night, he never text me, nor inform of what happens to him. I was really afraid, of what is happening to him. I don't know of what i feel.

I wanna cry! Then this morning, i never find his text message on my phone. I got panic. I think he replaced me already! I dont know how i feel about him! this is really strange for me, because before i never felt this way after my late boyfriend passed away. My heart feel the same way as before.

Afternoon came, I never find his text still. I used to text him how many times but i really never got any reply. I just let things to happen, and put in my mind if he will gonna leave me, I must be ready of what would be the next. So that i wont really got hurt.

So wonderful, after taking a bath, when i check my phone, thanks God, he text and call me, but i missed it. So happy that he told me, his battery drained, causing of his charger was destroyed.
I feel so wonderful after that!!
It is really different if you were in love, and feel it really true from the heart.


  1. Hehe, nakakatuwa naman yung kwento! may thrill.

    OT: sorry, suplado kase si wolf (courage craft)! hehe.


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